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Katerina Wants My (Her!) Chair June 20, 2018

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IMG_5756  stretching out in the early morning sun


Sunset Sky September 13, 2017

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IMG_4327 Sunset clouds – we haven’t seen a sky lie this in a long time – Seattle’s go;den summer!


At The Water Spot August 29, 2017

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IMG_4223  Katerina enjoying a refreshing drink of water

IMG_4214  Squirrels come too


Heat Wave July 31, 2017

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IMG_3968  beating the heat – Katerina finds a shady spot


At The Lake July 29, 2016

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Ruth at lake photo   My sister Ruth enjoying a summer evening at a lake in New Hampshire


Holiday Jigsaw August 17, 2009

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Follow this link to have the challenge of a 48 piece jigsaw.  The lake is not named but it could well be the lake in Greenfields State Park New Hampshire where my sisters and I spent a lazy afternoon a couple of weeks ago.  There had been so much rain in July that the land around the lake was still flooded and we had to wade through ankle-deep warm muddy-looking water to get to the lake shore.  It was a wonderful summer afternoon spent in special company.  The other side of the coin were the views of some of our fellow or sister lake enjoyees.  A number of rather obese tattooed men who probably had arrived on their Harley Davidsons.