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Man Meets Cat May 22, 2018

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I rather like this photo of my husband speaking to Fizz the cat.  But I agree with my son that the picture is blurry.  He maintains that I should use my phone for picture taking.  But the trouble with that I found was that I somehow ended up with short videos.  Modern technology, grr.


Back In The World Of The Internet August 7, 2017

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Blame it on the squirrels I’m told by the repair man.  Phew.  It was sheer torture not being able to access the internet for the past few days.  But all is well now  –  well almost. I’ll tell more anon.


Further Technical Difficulties August 3, 2017

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Yesterday I wrote about my problems with accessing photographs which I had scanned.

Today’s problem is with my email address.  I moved from Ireland back to the U.S. seven years ago this month.  For convenience and also sentimental reasons I have kept my Irish email address.  Wham, I am suddenly unable to access my email.


Tech Problems March 13, 2016

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It’s all so simple!  With my new Mac I was inadvertently right clicking and that lead to PROBLEMS.  With my old PC the mouse has a dividing line between right and left click.

The way is cleared for uploading wonderful photos.