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Another Day, Another Doctor January 15, 2015

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It seems as if that’s been the pattern of my life for the past few months.  Which doctor is it today?  A familiar question.  The eye doctor re a cataract operation, the hand surgeon doctor re fingers that are a bit out of shape, the hand physiotherapist; and for Ian the bloods doctor for the monthly check-up, and the neurologist and the physiotherapist for difficulty in walking.  Which doctor which office?  It has become a bit of a blur but all is basically well and we are gradually working through our ailments.  Are we ageing?  Yes!!

IMG_3797  this is the splendid blue splint I had to wear on my right hand for 6 weeks, I could have chosen black or purple       so when it became  apparent that all was not well with my left hand, purple was the color I chose    IMG_5227  selfie of the left hand splint           I became very adept at doing things with the thumb and first finger of each hand – including knitting.  The hand surgeon suggested that the tendons in the knuckles had shifted out of place.  This condition might have been developing gradually over a long period of time.  I call this ageing.  And I think it might have been caused by knitting.  Is it arthritis? tendonitis? who’s to say.   I’ve now been discharged by the surgeon and the physio and we’ll see how I get on with the splints and various supports and exercises.             IMG_5075  I’m still knitting, and the cat seems to approve