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Thanksgiving Dinner November 24, 2017

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IMG_4766   It was lovely!


IMG_4768  Fizz the cat was banished – she waited patiently



Happy Thanksgiving November 24, 2016

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img_1787  Selfie all set to do the Turkey Trot – a 5K fun walk near Golden Gardens here in Seattle – but it’s pouring rain.  So I’ll stay home and do the mashed potatoes for our turkey dinner later today.

Here’s what I missed


photo credits to the Whiteside/Sutliff family


Following The Pilgrims January 31, 2016

pilgrims image                  pilgrims_film_landing-date  What a marvelous program we saw last night.  One of the best.  It was a PBS DVD from the American Experience series.  Most of the broad outline was familiar but this film portrayed it so well that it is now more firmly fixed in my mind (I hope!)  And I learned a lot as well.  Furthermore it tied in well with my genealogy research.

?Did you know that one of the men on the Mayflower was swept overboard but miraculously was rescued and went on to survive the first harsh winter etc and father 10 children.  He had 88 grandchildren, more than 500 great grandchildren and his subsequent descendants number in the tens of thousands – including Humphrey Bogart, Bob Hope, and both Bush Presidents.  I wonder if I can find myself among the millions of descendants living today.  The search goes on.


A Puzzling Thanksgiving November 27, 2015

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thanksgiving 013  a gem of a puzzle – 72 wooden pieces cut in fantastic shapes – squirrels, ducks, birds etc.

thanksgiving 011  successful puzzlers



thanksgiving 016  kitchen crewthanksgiving 009  thoughtful and appreciative guest



Happy Thanksgiving November 26, 2015

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thanksgiving-by-rockwell  from Norman Rockwell