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Before The Rain September 17, 2017

IMG_4390  getting the last of the sun’s rays this morning


A Harvest Of Green Tomatoes September 12, 2017

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IMG_4325  slow to ripen


A Rich Harvest September 1, 2017

IMG_4222  a few days ago – I’ve sampled the ripe ones – they are/were DELICIOUS

IMG_4232  this morning – 1st day of September


Every Day Is A New Day………. August 29, 2017

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Everyday is a new day in my garden – my garden is changing continuously as the summer draws to a close.  There is a lot of greenery thanks to the tomato plants…..but for ripening I’ve brought the fruits of the vines inside.

IMG_4222  This is a sunny bay window in my kitchen.  The tomatoes are ripening right before my eyes.


Temporary absence September 12, 2015

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Source: Temporary absence


More Tomatoes From My Garden August 15, 2015

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tomatoes 050  Green tomatoes July 22, 2015

More tomatoes 035 Red tomatoes August 8 2015More tomatoes 037


Green Tomatoes – Red Tomatoes

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tomatoes 050Green tomatoes turn to  tomatoes 016 some red tomatoes

bainbridge 049 green tomatoes in the early morning sun

carkeek 004 more green tomatoes

morning 7 a m july 31 026 one green, three red

morning 7 a m july 31 036 mostly green         tomatoes 009  big variety of tomatoes at Ballard Farmers’ Market


July 22, 2015

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tomatoes 048     tomatoes 049 tomatoes 050  As you can see, I have many green tomatoes – but how long will it take for these to ripen?  And I have numerous additional green tomatoes on the vines.  There is something very satisfying about growing tomatoes.  Growth happens rapidly.

Our tally so far is three small red ones which we ate 2 or 3 nights ago.  No photo taken alas – maybe I just thought they were too small to really count.


Turning To Red July 21, 2015

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new scarf 010  latest scarf – no yellow, no green. no beige – it’s mostly RED as you can see

I should have taken a photo of my 3 red tomatoes before we ate them last night.  3 tomatoes – the first produce from our garden!  Delicious!