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Before The Rain September 17, 2017

IMG_4390  getting the last of the sun’s rays this morning


A Harvest Of Green Tomatoes September 12, 2017

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IMG_4325  slow to ripen


A Rich Harvest September 1, 2017

IMG_4222  a few days ago – I’ve sampled the ripe ones – they are/were DELICIOUS

IMG_4232  this morning – 1st day of September


Every Day Is A New Day………. August 29, 2017

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Everyday is a new day in my garden – my garden is changing continuously as the summer draws to a close.  There is a lot of greenery thanks to the tomato plants…..but for ripening I’ve brought the fruits of the vines inside.

IMG_4222  This is a sunny bay window in my kitchen.  The tomatoes are ripening right before my eyes.


Temporary absence September 12, 2015

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Source: Temporary absence


More Tomatoes From My Garden August 15, 2015

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tomatoes 050  Green tomatoes July 22, 2015

More tomatoes 035 Red tomatoes August 8 2015More tomatoes 037


Green Tomatoes – Red Tomatoes

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tomatoes 050Green tomatoes turn to  tomatoes 016 some red tomatoes

bainbridge 049 green tomatoes in the early morning sun

carkeek 004 more green tomatoes

morning 7 a m july 31 026 one green, three red

morning 7 a m july 31 036 mostly green         tomatoes 009  big variety of tomatoes at Ballard Farmers’ Market