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Memories Of Long Ago November 14, 2017

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23472895_10155929603183383_4413856134354096629_n  This is a photo of Heuston Station in Dublin Ireland.  It was posted on Facebook this morning by my recorder teacher Laoise O’Brien.  Heuston Station is the train terminus for North-South travel.  A beautiful building

When my husband Ian and I first lived in Dublin in 1968, he used to travel by train down to Cork quite regularly.  Hence, memories of Heuston Station.


Home Again June 29, 2017

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A good trip to the East Coast even though we ran out of time (and energy) to get to Barnes and Noble.  We had the nice trip to Mystic and I popped into a book store there and bought Colin Woodward’s book The Lobster Coast.  Reading for the trip home – interspersed with crossword puzzles.  I must say I think I am getting better at crossword puzzles – at least Will Shortz’s Easy Puzzles.  If I do any more trips maybe I can graduate to the intermediate level.  Nice to have a goal.

One disappointing happening – my perfect suitcase which has served me well for many years and trips was damaged somewhere along the way between checkin at Bradley, a change of plane in Detroit,  and the pickup carousel in Seattle.  One of the zippers for a large compartment on the outside of my case was damaged.  Fortunately I don’t think anything was missing from the open compartment.  But I happened to see someone else’s case which was damaged more drastically and there could well have been things missing.  The open zip on her case exposed total access to the contents.  In fact, that outer compartment on her case was empty I think.  I saw that before my case came through on the carousel and didn’t pay too much attention as I was waiting to spot my bag so I can’t report a sequel or conclusion to my story.

I don’t expect any compensation for the damage to my suitcase but I plan to let Delta know anyway.  As I say, that case was a favorite and it served me well for many years.



European Trip 1934 March 3, 2017

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img_2545  Itinerary for a trip to Europe by Dorothy and Elizabeth Friend

I came across this by chance this morning when I was sorting out some things in the garage.  (An unending project.)  I can hardly wait to peruse this itinerary further.  It’s for a trip undertaken by my mother and her sister before they were married.


Reading Choice December 11, 2016

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travels-with-henry-james                  img_1942               Travels With Henry James – a surprising choice for me, not being a fan of Henry James.  Nevertheless this collection of various essays written over a period of time proved to be sufficiently interesting (and readable).  I’m not being very kind to Henry James am I.  Let’s say I’m glad to have read it but I’m not rushing out to try one of his famous novels again.



Blue Yarn, Sweaters, and Travel Memories

I have previously written about the blue yarn which I purchased at a little sop in the Aran Islands,which are located off the West Coast of Ireland.  I bought a good amount of this yarn and a sweater pattern.  When it finally came to the knitting, I used a different pattern for one and found I had almost enough of that lovely yarn for another sweater.


80th-birthday  Sweater 1, I sort of made up the design    

img_1933img_1940Sweater 2        yes it is the same yarn but the selfie photo  was taken in different lighting.

I should really get a photo of the 2 sweaters side by side.



Day 6 of the Boating Adventure November 10, 2016

The report I had last night from the BAILEYBOB was that it was getting windy and rain was moving in.  A small craft warning had been issued.   They had had a busy Day 5 traveling approximately 150 miles from Norfolk Virginia to Oriental North Carolina – ready for a rest.  They are now traveling the Intercostal Waterway  which started in Norfolk.    Draw a straight line south to Florida.

This journey makes me think of my grandfather Friend who in my memory travelled by car each October or November from Boston to Orlando or Clearwater Florida.  He stopped each night for a rest and stopped for a few days in Pinehurst North Carolina to play golf.  This was from about 1940 to 1956.



Just in from the BAILEYBOB     beaufort-north-carolina  Beaufort North Carolina      only 22 miles today     a late start and engine trouble


Day 3 En Route To Florida November 7, 2016

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This blog is turning into a travel log.  A temporary move but not unknown to happen now and again.   Six or seven years ago I followed the container ship carrying our belongings from Dublin to Seattle.  Now I’m following one of our sons traveling on board the BAILEYBOB traveling from Essex Connecticut to Florida.  This is day 3 of their trip.  They are now near the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal Bridge.

day-3-to-florida   There is the bridge in the distance.  Looking good.

ditch-bridge-day-3  Passing under the bridge.

fuel-dock-cd   need to refuel again

brewer-oxford-yard  and so ends Day 3, sunset in Oxford Maryland





Following The Journey From Connecticut To Florida November 6, 2016

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cape-may-new-jersey  Day 2 – refueling spot in Cape May New Jersey



Phew What A Morning October 10, 2016

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Trying to make complicated airline bookings with assistance from the cat and the cleaners and should I add the squirrels and birds.  I think I need another cup of coffee.

img_1424 if you look carefully you can find the squirrel’s tail


img_1420 here is the big cat looking at the little bird


img_1421  and then my favorite bird the Northern Flicker arrived


Autumn Is Coming August 27, 2016

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We went up to the Skagit Valley for a 24 hour getaway.  It was wonderful.  It is such a beautiful area between the mountains and the sea.  Fields of fruit trees, flowers, corn and much more .  This morning I took an early morning amble outside our bedroom.  I thought I was in the Garden of Eden, a pear tree, a plum tree, fruit just dropping at my feet – and then a cat appeared to confirm my feeling.  She/he scampered off and disappeared in the field of corn.

Yesterday evening there was a great squawking overhead.  We went out on our deck to see what that was all about.  GEESE – IN  V  FORMATION.  Superb!

I had the intention of possibly finding/buying a painting of this beautiful valley – but failing that I feel inspired to try creating one oneself.  There is a lot of subject matter!


IMG_1123  pears abound       IMG_1121  Ripe for the picking. and note all the pears and plums on the ground


map laconor