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A Guide to Fauvism November 23, 2017

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A Scholarly Skater

Le Marche de Pont Audemer by Robert Antoine Pinchon Robert Antoine Pinchon, Le Marche de Pont Audemer Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The Style Is Best Known For
  • Frolicking nudes by Henri Matisse
  • Landscapes, still lives, and human figures in surprising colors
What, Where, and When?

Paintings and drawings, France, 1905-1908. (Yes, it’s really that simple.)

How to Recognize It
  • Lots of bright colors – mainly primaries and secondaries.
  • The colors used aren’t what you would expect – an apple might be blue or the sky might be orange.
  • The paint is thick and textured.
  • Some paintings may have some sense of depth; others don’t.
  • Three dimensionality (when it appears) is shown through patches of different colors placed next to each other.

Fauvism grew out of Post Impressionism, particularly the work of Vincent van Gogh. Artists were inspired by van Gogh’s brilliant and surprising colors, thick paint, and unique point of view. They set out to do something similar, playing around with color for color’s…

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A Short Analysis of Emily Dickinson’s ‘The Brain is wider than the Sky’ November 22, 2017

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Interesting Literature

A close reading of a classic Dickinson poem

‘The brain is wider than the sky’: the mind and all that it can take in – and imagine – is far greater than even the vast sky above us. This is the starting point of one of Emily Dickinson’s great meditations on the power of human imagination and comprehension. Before we attempt an analysis, though, here’s a reminder of the poem.

The Brain — is wider than the Sky —
For — put them side by side —
The one the other will contain
With ease — and You — beside —

The Brain is deeper than the sea —
For — hold them — Blue to Blue —
The one the other will absorb —
As Sponges — Buckets — do —

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Sunday Selfies November 19, 2017

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Can you see me now?

I think you’ll have to close your eyes, Tippi, if you really want to hide!

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Foto Friday – The Shisha Hut

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Fabulous photo.

HX Report

MB has posted some pics from his August 2014 trip to Sudan in recent posts. For this week’s Foto Friday he gives you one of his favorite pics from that trip.

YSL and friends had just taken MB on a tour of a very poor shanty town (maybe not the correct term but MB can not think of better as he types) on the outskirts of Khartoum called Soba. It was then time to smoke some shisha in a nearby shisha hut. MB is not a smoker. Never was. Never will be. But on this occasion, he puffed some shisha with YSL and friends just to be sociable, and thankful for the effort they had all made.

The shisha hut was just that. A hut with a frail timber frame and some bamboo leaves (or similar on the outside. And some light paper fabric on the inside. The AC was great!

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L’infirmier November 18, 2017

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Cats provide endless material for behavior analysts.



A couple of weeks ago I had a cortisone injection in my right shoulder, and yesterday I had another one in the left. (The hospital actually sent me a further letter inviting me for a third one, then realised their mistake when I pointed out that I only have 2 shoulders.)

My sister: “This means that 2/3 of your household are on steroids!”

After the injection you are supposed to rest at home for 48 hours, which has meant I’ve had to cancel a few things that had been planned for ages, including my mum’s birthday lunch, my friend’s 30th and a concert which was my anniversary gift to Cat Daddy. So he went out for the night, taking his friend as his anniversary date, and I was stuck indoors with Catorze. (That wasn’t supposed to rhyme.)

Now, I realise that a cosy night in with a cat may sound…

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Special Picture # 284 – Thanksgiving in Trumbull – 1945

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This family gathering in 1945 reminds me of our family around the Thanksgiving table so long ago.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

On Thanksgiving, 1945, my Dad, Lad, was still in the Army officially but would be out very soon. He and Marian were on furlough in Trumbull. Dick was in South Carolina waiting to be discharged and Jean was in Trumbull waiting for him. Ced was visiting from Alaska and would be picking up his new plane, being built in Alliance, Ohio, to fly back. I also believe Aunt Elsie Duryee, Grandpa’s sister, was there. Biss (Elizabeth), her husband Zeke and their two boys, Butch and Marty came for dinner. Aunt Betty was also there. 

l to rt – the back of Zeke’s head, Ced, Grandpa, Aunt Elsie, Lad.

l to r – Aunt Betty, Lad, Marian, Grandpa, and Jean. Notice the china.

A dinner plate.

This is a close-up of the china. I am blessed with several pieces.

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The Wedding of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales and Catherine of Aragon November 15, 2017

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I am currently reading a novel by Jean Plaidy titled To Hold the Crown, originally published under the title Uneasy Lies the Head. Immersing myself in Tudor history!

The Freelance History Writer

Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, c. 1501 Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales, c. 1501

The marriage of Arthur Tudor, Prince of Wales to Catherine, daughter of their Catholic Majesties Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile was a dynastic coup for King Henry VII. The Tudor dynasty was new after his victory at the Battle of Bosworth Field in August of 1485. Henry’s Lancastrian claim was weak and he needed to shore up his position as King of England. A marriage between his son and a daughter of Spain would help to bolster his dynasty, gain him entrée into the great ruling houses of Europe, diffuse any Yorkist plotting against his regime, secure allies and make an impression on his subjects.

The nuptials were a long time in the making. The idea of a Spanish marriage was first discussed in 1488. Ambassadors were sent to Spain in 1489 and the match was agreed upon. A betrothal…

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