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Castle Ruins August 19, 2017

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2ce84885-22b0-41fb-b137-36d48083d89a  I found this image in association with my 14th Great Grandfather Sir James Horseley DeLaval 1423-1492.  Rather nice.  Genealogy romanticized.


Katerina Has A New Tactic August 14, 2017

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IMG_4085 How do I get anything done??  I love my cat!


1517 Power August 12, 2017

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A cycling odyssey

veni vidi bici

Along with wind, solar, and ethanol, Minnesota is powered by Lutherans. More members of this Protestant denomination live here than in any other state. It seems to this life-long Lutheran that each town, no matter how tiny, has a Lutheran church. And I have managed to surround myself with Lutherans for the past three days.

Solar power Minnesota
This October marks the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther published his 95 Theses and made public his well-reasoned grievances against the Catholic Church. The ultimate outcomes of the Reformation were improved literacy rates, economic growth, the Westphalian state system, and the general development of strong work ethic. Here in Minnesota, those Lutheran qualities are ubiquitously present. Civic pride oozes at each street corner, and famously-reserved Lutherans show greatness through hard work and endless energy.

Iconic power Owatonna
In New Ulm, I stayed with Stan and Ruth…

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Seattle Now & Then: ‘The City is More Than Human’ July 27, 2017

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(click to enlarge photos)

THEN: Ballard dairy farmer Jess Jensen poses with four of his milch cows on 8th Avenue Northwest, near its intersection with NW 58th Street. The subject looks north.

NOW: Holding his book “The City Is More Than Human,” historian Frederick L. Brown, poses for Jean Sherrard in the traffic on 8th Avenue NW. Brown only seems to be in danger. The cars behind him have been stopped by the traffic light at NW 58th Street.

Here stands historian Fred Brown holding his new book and farmer Jess Jensen holding the roped reins attached to his four cows. The two-legged animals pose near one another and the intersection of NW 58th Street and 8th Avenue NW, although across about a century of time.  Before Ballard’s 1907 annexation into Seattle, 58th was named Times Street (not knowing other or better, I propose that it was…

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Saltee Islands – All Things Beautiful July 25, 2017

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Making memories

As I said in my previous post, to get to the Gannet place we have to first cross the Black-backed gull land. Great Black-backed gull is the largest of the gulls, and is described as a “merciless tyrant”. They can be fierce and aggressive at their nests, but I have no intention to bother them, and I know there are no chicks that early in the year. The gulls are perched on the rocks and become agitated as I get closer. Apparently they don’t understand the message I am sending them with my body language. One of them is trying to attack me. I keep walking and pretend I don’t hear, so he finally leaves me alone and returns to his rock. I turn around and take a picture 🙂 Then I hurry away.

Saltee Island Great

Just before the Cat Cliff comes into sight, I see another Black-backed gull with a…

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Classics Celebrate the Tour de France July 21, 2017

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Off The Beaten Path

During its last week, the Tour de France heads for a final showdown in the Alps. This year’s race is incredibly close, with less than 30 seconds separating the first three riders. The penultimate stage is a time trial, so we may even see an almost-repeat of 1989, when Greg LeMond won the big race on the last stage by just 8 seconds. Anything remains possible – a welcome change from previous Tours that often were all but decided by the half-way point.

Yesterday’s stage began in La Mure – a small town in the mountains above Grenoble that we visited a little over a week ago. Already, the town was preparing for the Tour.

The mairie (town hall) was decorated for the occasion, with a big count-down board over the entrance showing the time left until the start of the stage, down to the very second!

Many businesses…

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Anne Valley Walk July 10, 2017

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Excellent photography in Ireland.

Making memories

Anne Valley Trail is one of the overlooked treasures of Waterford county. I have written about the trail before. This is what I found on my last visit.

Rushes were swaying to and fro rustling in the wind, and I noticed a tiny ladybug feasting on something that looked like a caterpillar.

Yellow dung fly sat chilling on the young fern frond. Don’t be misled by the name – adult dung flies spend most of their time hunting small insects in vegetation.

Furled fronds of young ferns look like cute little animals.

This one looks like a furry snake 🙂

Larches sport the most beautiful shade of  green.

I check on every blackbird I see in case it is a Red billed chough. There is a couple of them living in the Anne Valley. I saw one last year, but it quickly disappeared in bushes before I grabbed my camera.

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