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Seattle Now & Then: East Olive Way, Sept. 21, 1938 March 28, 2017

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THEN: The busy apartment house development on Capitol Hill in the early 20th Century included the Belvedere Vista Apartment, on the left of this 1938 look northeast on East Olive Way. Filling its flatiron block, the Belvedere Vista is also bordered by E. Olive Place and Melrose Ave. East. While the Belvedere Vista does not appear on the 1912 Baist Real Estate Map, it is listed in the 1915 Polk City Directory.

NOW: Seventy-eight years later many of the structures from 1938 survive in Jean Sherrard’s repeat from late winter of 2017.

Later – May 10, 1940 – and a block west on a part of Olive Way that is now the I-5 Freeway overpass,  This is,, perhaps obviously, another Foster and Kleiser billlboard photo.

Olive Way on its ascent to and joining with John Street, August 13, 1942. The view looks southwest thru the block…

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Waterford Greenway: do it the green way

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Making memories

I absolutely believe that every child should have the experience of riding a train. I don’t remember my first train ride. I was only two weeks old then. The trains have changed a lot since, and most of the railways have been closed.

The first public railway in Ireland was opened in 1834 between Dublin and Kingstown ( now Dún Laoghaire ) despite local opposition. The railway line between Waterford and Dungarvan was built in the 1870’s to link up with the Lismore and Mallow railway. The stations along the route were Kilmeadan, Kilmacthomas and Durrow. It was a very expensive line to be built at the time, with a 418 feet long tunnel, three stone viaducts, two causeways, a number of bridges and three road crossings. The railway line was officially opened in August 1878 with the first train departing Waterford at 10.10.

The first pedal-driven bicycle arrived to…

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Cheeky birds March 25, 2017

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A Bushsnob out of Africa

We try to get our farm house’s surrounds as bushy as possible by planting as many trees, shrubs and plants as they would grow. We have had many failures as last years we had severe frosts that took care of many of the tender trees we planted such as jacarandas, bombax, fig trees, olives and others.

20170209_153430 copy.jpg

Luckily the past two years have been benign in terms of temperature and we have witnessed an almost luxurious growth of almost every seedling we have planted. Knowing the place, we are ready for the next bad winter that will even things out again!

In the meantime we are enjoying the Crataegus and Cottoneaster in fruit at the moment that are attracting several species of fruit-eating birds such as the Plush-creasted jays (Cyanocorax chrysops) and the occasional Toucan (Ramphastos toco)! Apart from plants we have placed several artificial nests that have…

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Seactain na Gaeilge March 17, 2017

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Janet's thread

Seactain na Gaeilge – a week (or 2) for celebrating all things Irish.  That’s this week in particular with celebrations surrounding Lá feile Padraig=St. Patrick’s Day.  My fluent Irish speaking friend came to the Market on Saturday and we of course exchanged greetings in Irish.  Then she proceeded to ask for a particular vegetable but she had to lapse into Bearla (English) to ask for purple sprouting broccoli.  As it turned out we didn’t have any although it’s not too early in the year to find it.    Looking in the online Irish dictionary, I find that broccoli=brocolí, purple=corcra, and sprouting – that’s more difficult – I must ask my Irish teacher.  Sprout as a verb=péac, another construction given is gob aníos, Brussels sprout=bachlóg Bhruiséile, bean sprouts=pónairi soighe.  As for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I think we’re going to the Dog Show!

Speaking of things in the garden, the…

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Trumbull – A Ticket To Heaven and Sikorsky – June, 1943

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"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

At this point, as Grandpa says in the salutation, his boys are scattered. Ced is still in Alaska, Lad is in California, Dan is in Pennsylvania and Dick in in Indiana. Dave is the only one left at home since Biss is married and has two sons of her own.

Trumbull     June 13, 1943

To my Trumbull Boys

in far places:

This is one of those quiet, sunshiny, June Sundays when it is hard to realize that the peace which comes stealing in with the rustling leaves, the murmur of the brook and the play of the sunshine through the dancing leaves of our old Maple tree is not typical of the whole world. Iris and rhododendrons are now in full bloom. From where I sit now on the cement terrace, so much is reminiscent of you boys. For one thing, there is the iron pipe set…

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Camping in Africa. Kenya (Spotted cat) March 15, 2017

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I enjoy these posts so much. They always trigger memories of our adventures in East Africa.

A Bushsnob out of Africa

During one of the trips to the Transmara, while camping next to the Mara River, I had the surprise visit of the Manager of the Mara Buffalo Camp. As this had never happened before, I prepared to hear that I was not allowed to camp near the camp anymore so we stopped setting up our camp and went to meet him. I was wrong. He was a friendly Swiss that came to give me some good news.

He explained that at a rocky outcrop nearby there was a female leopard with two cubs that, unusually for East Africa in general and the Maasai Mara in particular, was very relaxed and let you watch her and her cubs without getting scared by human presence. He even offered to take us there at that precise moment if interested as he was taking a friend with him  for that purpose. We instantly forgot…

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A St. Patrick’s Day Reflection March 14, 2017

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Stories From Ipswich

Homecoming: JFK in Ireland, June 1963

by Helen Breen


Two years ago while in Dublin, I took a tour of Leinster House, a magnificent ducal residence now the seat of the Irish Parliament. At the end of our visit we were guided up an impressive marble staircase. There hung a beautiful green silk ceremonial flag belonging to New York’s “Fighting 69th’ Irish Brigade, led by Irish patriot Brigadier General Thomas F. Meagher during the American Civil War. Fittingly, the banner was a gift from the American people to the people of Ireland (with the permission of Congress) during the historic four day visit of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy to Ireland in June 1963.

Following his moving tribute to Meagher, Kennedy charmed the Parliament that day with references to his roots, and the special love of liberty that characterizes the Irish and American experience. He also paid homage to Dublin…

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