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Photo From Long Ago August 11, 2017

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2017_08_11_10_43_37.pdf000  That’s a dad helping his son – before we had Lego.  The son is now in his 40’s and the dad in his 80’s.  The photo was taken in 1975 in the living room of our house in Dublin Ireland.

(I’m scanning my photo collection so keep reading this blog to see more memories.)


Old Photographs November 13, 2015

  This is a photograph by Alfred Stieglitz taken in 1884.  A Vintage Photo.  Just one of many for sale by a professional firm located on Bainbridge Island here in Seattle.

alfred stieglitz Alfred Stieglitz (internet image)

reid photo 006  this is the vintage photo I purchased.  Herding Sheep and Lambs in Scotland.  The photographer was Charles Reid and the photo was taken in the late 1800’s.

charles reid photographer  Charles Reid