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Miss Marple Knits on the Train November 18, 2007

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I have been away for a few days on a very enjoyable trip to London.  I travelled by ferry and train – took more time than flying but I enjoy travelling that way.  The journey was part of the fun, not something to be endured when one has to fly from A to B.  One of the big advantages of travelling by ferry and train is that you can knit – and that’s what I did.  As I knit, I admired the lovely scenery of North Wales and then the route down across the Midlands and in to London.  And I could listen to all the interesting conversations swirling around me.  The return trip was the more interesting for the companions around me – a group of IT people travelling to Chester for a 2 day training and development course.  They were having a quiz and there was much merriment.  My other companions were a young mother with her youngest child, baby Joe age 5 months who was the image of my 9 month old grandson whom I had been with in London.  Baby Joe’s mum loved telling her immediate seat companion all about her large family and her husband’s large family.  I think her husband’s family was the larger – something about 55 grandchildren – it’s a whole other world out there I thought – as I knitted away.  I definitely felt like Miss Marple as I listened and knit.  Here’s a photo of my progress.

knitting-progress-after-trip-to-london.jpg I’m working on a blue gansey – I’m knitting the front and back on a circular needle size 3.25 mm and the 2 sleeves on bamboo straights.  I have 6 more inches to knit on the sleeves and then I can join them to the body of the sweater and knit the top yoke.

My other project is a yellow scarf in malabrigo kettle dyed pure merino wool from Uruguay.  This is being knit on U.S. size 7 steel needles.  Another few inches to go on that one.


Knitting while watching the I.W.B.A. National Championships September 2, 2007

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I’ve been away again – a short trip this time to Dungannon Northern Ireland.  Only a little over 400 kilometers round trip.   400K – that’s one-third of the distance that son James was attempting to cycle within 90 hours.  Needless to say, I have been pre-occupied recently with James’s endeavour – the build-up, the Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) challenge itself, and the aftermath.  For an account of his PBP you can check out his blog. 

Lawn bowling friends from the South (Eire) were playing in the Irish Women’s Bowling Association National Championships.  This is the competition that last year lead to my trip to Wales earlier this summer.   (A bit complicated to follow but it’s a series of knock-out competitions starting in May and finally finishiing in June the following year.)  This year I was knocked out in the early rounds so I was a spectator come the IWBA finals up North in August.  The weather was not great but the bowling was good and there will be local friends representing Ireland in the British Isles Championships in June 2008.

As a spectator I was free to knit – and I knit a hat.        hat-modelled-by-lamp.jpg

On the day we went up to Dungannon we had lunch in the town itself.  And after lunch we went on our usual hunt for a book store, any book store.  This quest puzzled the people we encountered.  Not a book shop to be found, not even a book!  ……….until on the route back to the car park I glanced in to the charity shop and there were lots of books – and I found some which have been on my “wanted” list.  But almost more importantly, as we wandered about the town (not very big) we were walking toward the electrical goods store which reportedly had books up on the 2nd floor.  En route we almost walked right past a YARN STORE.  I stopped just in time.  Ian carried on in search of the electrical goods and I just popped in to the yarn store and bought a lovely ball of yellow yarn, 100% wool, made in Kilcar Ireland.  I like to buy Irish yarn.  Ian reported back that the electrical goods store was a bit derelict and there was no hope of finding books there, as we had suspected.  Having overnight to think about it, the next day I went back to the yarn store and bought 3 more balls of the yellow and 2 hanks of orange.  So much for my stash reduction policy.

yarn-purchased-in-dungannon.jpg  The yellow is Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed, made in Kilcar Ireland., 100% wool.   And the orange is Debbie Bliss Donegal Chunky Tweed 100% wool Made in Kilcar Ireland


Being a tourist June 27, 2007

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street-sign-to-the-bowling-green.jpg  Street sign to the bowling green

The more I read about the spa town Llandrindod Wells where I went for my lawn bowling week, the more I feel I missed interesting local attractions.  Of course the reason for my trip was to bowl, any sightseeing was a bonus.  Once our team of 3 was knocked out by the English, I was “free”.   But still – all the action was up at the bowling club and I wanted to be a part of it.  It was so fascinating to watch the other matches and I wanted very much to support the other Irish players.  Wearing green was the order of the day! 

Consequently, that left little free time to be a tourist.  I did have one free afternoon when no Irish teams were playing, and I really enjoyed exploring the Radnorshire Museum and the National Cycle Museum

I have now discovered that Llandrindod Wells was very close to Bulith Wells, home of the Royal Welsh Showgrounds and the location of Wonder Wool Wales.  I missed going to the Thomas shop in Penypont, only 5 miles away.  I loved the 2 museums I visited on my one free afternoon and I really didn’t have time to go on these other jaunts that I am only now just discovering.  My only real regret is that I didn’t walk around the town a little bit more and take pictures of the very distinctive Victorian architecture.  I didn’t even take a picture of our hotel, partly because there were workmen blocking the way.  The hotel has received a grant to assist in restoring the building so some of that work was being done.  In time, the orginal elegant front terrace will be restored.

 I would love to go back to this area and explore at leisure.  There really are many photo opportunies.  Next time.