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Yard Sale Saturday June 5, 2011

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Well, this was the big neighbourhood yard sale Saturday.  Approximately 50 households in our local neighbourhood had yard sales.  I can’t really verify this number as we were so involved with our own one and the one across the street and Susan’s yard sale a few blocks away.   Yard sale roamers were numerous, actual customers were a select few.  It was fun and we met many interesting people.  And it was a good chance to organize and clean out.  I held fast to non-garage sale prices for my handknits, not that I really had many potential buyers at any price.   We had a lively atmosphere thanks to the household across the street who not only had a huge miscellany of items for sale but also had a barbecue and numerous friends coming and going all day as well as the casual yard sale shoppers.  I think we benefitted from the spill-over.

  not much for sale really – my first customer offered me $1 for 2 books which I had priced at $2 each.  Well, there we were.  My reaction was “no”.  And off she and her partner went in their convertible.  I wondered if this was a bad start!!  Subsequent customers were more fun.