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Ladies Who Go To Yarn Stores March 25, 2017

IMG_2733  Janet and Susan outside NW Yarns in Bellingham Washington

IMG_2734  Window display, NW Yarns


IMG_2735  Colors!

IMG_2728  Knitted 3D Piece by Textile Artist Ann Maki – on exhibit at Social Fabric, Bellingham Washington, March 2017


Models at the Yarn Store December 17, 2016

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A recent trip to the local yarn store, The Tea Cosy, in Ballard, Seattle Washington

A feast of new yarns, patterns and models.

img_1959         img_1960

and here’s what I was wearing that day         img_1961

Fun shopping.


Blue Yarn, Sweaters, and Travel Memories December 11, 2016

I have previously written about the blue yarn which I purchased at a little sop in the Aran Islands,which are located off the West Coast of Ireland.  I bought a good amount of this yarn and a sweater pattern.  When it finally came to the knitting, I used a different pattern for one and found I had almost enough of that lovely yarn for another sweater.


80th-birthday  Sweater 1, I sort of made up the design    

img_1933img_1940Sweater 2        yes it is the same yarn but the selfie photo  was taken in different lighting.

I should really get a photo of the 2 sweaters side by side.



A Big Yarn “Store” November 16, 2016

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This past weekend I attended the Yarn Market which was part of a big knitting event, Knit Fit, here in Ballard Seattle.  The Yarn Market part of Knit Fit was held in the big gymnasium at the Ballard Community Center.  A big gymnasium packed with yarn shops displaying their wares.  Heaven for knitting and crochet enthusiasts!



img_1739  my lovely purchase at the Yarn Market


img_1723  This photo is for one of my sons who likes to take me to yarn stores.


Searching For A Nice Brown Yarn October 12, 2016

img_1467  On my recent trip to Glastonbury Connecticut I visited 2 yarn stores – Village Wool in Glastonbury and Mystic River Yarns in Mystic Connecticut.  I just like looking for yarn and knitting – not sure what project or projects will result.  I bought 2 different browns and thought about knitting a sweater.  I prefer the “richer” brown – but my sample knitting has too few stitches to be continued as a sweater.   The lighter brown sample has enough stitches……so, what should I do?  I’m thinking!


A Bit of Sock Knitting September 19, 2011

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  My solution to the 2nd sock syndrome is to knit 2 different socks with roughly similar yarns.  These are not elegant but they are fun to knit, a bit mindless and I’m using up bits of stash.   I’m discovering that some of my yarns are more suitable than others.  I really should stick to sock yarn and not mix in the silkier softer smoother yarns.

  This is the Danish Isiger lace weight yarn I bought last week at the yarn store on Bainbridge Island.  And I bought the pattern book as well.  I was weak!  I have thousands of patterns already.   And I’m not sure what I’m going to knit with this yarn.  But it was just so lovely.  Maybe a laceweight scarf.

The person who runs the yarn store in Winslow on Bainbridge Island has managed to find 3 very interesting old paintings.  I understand that she likes to browse antique stores, etc. for her “finds”.  The 3 paintings on the walls of Churchmouse Yarns & Teas, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

I think it would be fun to have a portrait of myself as a knitter.  Someone 50 years from now could find the painting in the antique shop of 2060.


Busy Days

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I’ve just been invited to a friend’s 80th birthday party.  This has kind of struck me hard.  How have we got this far?  She is a friend from much younger years.  Here I am researching my own genealogy – I’ve recently joined ancestry.com.  And then right here before my eyes and ears my friends are turning into another decade.  I shouldn’t be so surprised.  My sisters arrived there ages ago.  I’ll keep plowing on – being a grandparent now I seem to have a fascination to figure out my grandparents lives, in so far as possible.  More on that topic to follow.

Meanwhile, I have a few knitting projects on the go.  Mostly socks.  And I hope I am going to have some space at a Christmas Fair.  I have really been missing my regular Saturday morning trips to Kilternan Market in Dublin where I used to offer my knitted items.  Slowly but surely, they did sell.  I haven’t found anything similar here so far, so I am delighted to have this prospect of space at the Christmas Fair at the Nordic Heritage Museum.   It’s a great incentive to keep knitting and crocheting. 

We recently did another trip to Bainbridge Island – I enjoy ferry trips.  The lure was the local history museum where there was a special exhibition of photographs by Ansel Adams.  These were photographs documenting the Manzanar interment camp of World War II.  A rather shameful period in our history but I felt that if I had been living on the West Coast of America in 1942, I too would have felt threatened.  The book Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is beautifully written about this aspect of World War II seen through eyes other than our own.  I can recommend that little museum over on Bainbridge.  It is a little gem of a museum set up in an old school house.  I like small museums of local history.

In addition to the Bainbridge Historical Museum we also went to the yarn store – hooray.  I bought some lovely Danish yarn in lace weight.  That’s a change for me.  But their display of the shawl that had been knit with this yarn enticed me to buy both the pattern book and 2 skeins of that lovely yarn.  More on that in due course.

We are now moving into autumn.  The dahlias are wonderful.