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Waiting For Inspiration – Recent Yarn Purchases November 24, 2017

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IMG_4769         IMG_4770


Ladies Who Go To Yarn Stores March 25, 2017

IMG_2733  Janet and Susan outside NW Yarns in Bellingham Washington

IMG_2734  Window display, NW Yarns


IMG_2735  Colors!

IMG_2728  Knitted 3D Piece by Textile Artist Ann Maki – on exhibit at Social Fabric, Bellingham Washington, March 2017


Start Your Day……. March 24, 2017

17342655_774545312711136_7201039594426454023_n  Start your day with this beautiful photo of Spring in Ireland – a contrast of green and yellow – thanks to Sarah Rubalcava of Rubalcava Horticultural Services.

Sarah’s mom (and my friend) Magda Rubalcava is an award winning internationally renown tapestry weaver – wouldn’t this make a spectacular tapestry?


Blue Yarn, Sweaters, and Travel Memories December 11, 2016

I have previously written about the blue yarn which I purchased at a little sop in the Aran Islands,which are located off the West Coast of Ireland.  I bought a good amount of this yarn and a sweater pattern.  When it finally came to the knitting, I used a different pattern for one and found I had almost enough of that lovely yarn for another sweater.


80th-birthday  Sweater 1, I sort of made up the design    

img_1933img_1940Sweater 2        yes it is the same yarn but the selfie photo  was taken in different lighting.

I should really get a photo of the 2 sweaters side by side.



A Big Yarn “Store” November 16, 2016

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This past weekend I attended the Yarn Market which was part of a big knitting event, Knit Fit, here in Ballard Seattle.  The Yarn Market part of Knit Fit was held in the big gymnasium at the Ballard Community Center.  A big gymnasium packed with yarn shops displaying their wares.  Heaven for knitting and crochet enthusiasts!



img_1739  my lovely purchase at the Yarn Market


img_1723  This photo is for one of my sons who likes to take me to yarn stores.


Searching For A Nice Brown Yarn October 12, 2016

img_1467  On my recent trip to Glastonbury Connecticut I visited 2 yarn stores – Village Wool in Glastonbury and Mystic River Yarns in Mystic Connecticut.  I just like looking for yarn and knitting – not sure what project or projects will result.  I bought 2 different browns and thought about knitting a sweater.  I prefer the “richer” brown – but my sample knitting has too few stitches to be continued as a sweater.   The lighter brown sample has enough stitches……so, what should I do?  I’m thinking!


Shopping at the Nordic Heritage Museum November 4, 2015

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I couldn’t resist some compulsive/impulsive yarn buying.

dead mouse 014  purchased at the Nordic Heritage Museum Shop.


Other Peoples’ Cats September 13, 2015

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These 2 are my friend Freyalyn’s cats – I think.  At least they are the background picture for her blog.  Freyalyn, I hope you don’t mind my borrowing them.  They are so handsome.  I bet they are smart, a bit naughty at times (in a nice way of course), and they LOVE yarn.


Finishing a Book and Finishing Another Scarf February 18, 2015

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Life has been ticking along with a lot of projects on the burner.  I’m always reading something.  The latest book was A Story Lately Told by Anjelika Huston.  Subtitled Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York.  It was very good but I was slow in reading it.  Too many other time-consuming things going on, not the least of which has been FB (Facebook).       IMG_5759

I have also been knitting as we watch television.  There have been any number of good programs in January and February.  e.g. Foyle’s War for the umpteenth time (I could watch it endlessly), the Great British Baking Show, American Experience, Downton Abbey, and so on.  The scarf collection is multiplying.  Here is the the latest one.   IMG_5755  pictured with 2 skeins of Swedish yarn which I bought yesterday at the Nordic Heritage Museum shop, and the Anjelica Huston book.     IMG_5753


IMG_5752  3 recently completed scarves.



The Scarf Knitting Continues January 10, 2015

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IMG_5074IMG_5075  Despite, or maybe because of all the flurry of the Christmas season, I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of knitting.  With the help of my cat of course.  These pictures show Scarf Number 9 in production.

IMG_4999  Scarf Number 9 along side Scarf Number 8


IMG_4666  Scarf Number 7                    IMG_5088  Scarves 1-8  These scarves are supposed to be real  stash busters.  IMG_4670  My painting of my stash 2010      I suspect that if I were to spread out my stash today, it would look very similar to my stash 5 years ago.  I just keep buying yarn that I like with no particular purpose in mind.

IMG_5175  Scarf Number 10, a variation        IMG_5176


IMG_5177  Scarf Number 10 doesn’t show up very well on the blue railing



IMG_5180  a better view of Scarf Number 10 against the grey chair     Am I getting ready for craft fair next Christmas?