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Finally Finished November 10, 2015

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cats and birds 046 Just One Evil Act by Elizabeth George.  The author, Elizabeth George, is a good writer, but this book was just too long.   It seemed to take me forever to finish reading this book which stretched to over 700 pages.   I feel it could have been cut in half.


A Book I Liked May 28, 2015

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may 2015 080 My Struggle, Book 3 by Karl Ove Knausgaard

This book is just one of the volumes in a 6 volume set.  Originally written in Norwegian.  It appears to be sweeping the literary world.  Just to be contrary, I decided to start with Book 3 which is about the author’s boyhood.  It was wonderful.  Very perceptive and beautifully written.   I am eager now to go to Book 1 and discover more about this man and his life beyond boyhood.  His cruel father – how could a man possibly behave like that? and other questions and answers lie ahead.


Return to the Book Fair November 4, 2007

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Books are important to me.  I like to buy books, I like to read books, I like to have books on my shelves – but then a time comes when some books have been on my shelves long enough and I need to make room for more.  Then it’s time to take some to a Book Fair – and if they don’t sell, well then eventually some of them go to the Exchange Book Shop, or to charity.

 After an absence of several months I have returned to the book fair scene as an active participant.  Last weekend I took a table at the Dublin City Book Fair.     book-fair-resized.jpg  Here is a sample of the 200+ books on my table.  Sales were not huge but at least I didn’t have time to go around and buy lots of books from other people – hence, money saved!!!  And I did have a nice day meeting lots of people.  And I plan to go again when the next Book Fair is held at the end of November. 

It was interesting to observe the matches of books to buyers.  Which browser actually became a buyer?  And who  chose which book?  Here are a few samples from the day:  a man with a big hat bought a book about the origin of mathematics.  A serious looking young man bought John Mortimer’s Murderers and Other Friends.  A woman of indeterminate age bought my last paperback Nicholas Freeling detective story.  A fellow book seller made a last minute purchase of Madhur Jaffrey’s Climbing the Mangoes.  Not a very exciting sample but I can daydream little stories about my browsers and buyers.

(See my other blog Travels with Janet for a couple of earlier entries about books and Book Fairs.)