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Around in Circles September 30, 2014

Filed under: First World War — Janet @ 6:05 am

I’m trying to get ready and my heads going round in circles as I contemplate the things I have to do and/or want to do before I leave..  It doesn’t help that the entire air system in the U.S. has been disrupted by a criminal act in Aurora Illinois.  Flights in and out of Chicago have been particularly affected.  I’m scheduled to change planes in  Chicago.  Will I have a lot of airport waiting time??  Never mind, I’ll take plenty of reading material – and my knitting.

I recently read a very good book – Wake by Anna Hope.  The thread of the story is set in post World War I England and there are flashbacks to action in the War itself.  The author has recreated the overall gloomy atmosphere of England at that time extremely well.        index   I recommend it if you like to read books about the First World War and its aftermath in England.